Looting in Leyte


photo credit: dailymail.co.uk

Many are dismayed, yet many others justified the looting rampage that occurred in Tacloban, Leyte after Super Typhoon Yolanda.

Let’s look carefully at what’s really behind the news that‘s affecting our whole country.

What is the difference between the looting in Tacloban and the currently being investigated PDAF scam? In Tacloban you’ll see people who are desperate, the majority of whom are poor. Here in the city, the people involved (in the scam) are wealthy, wear Barong Tagalogs and suits, ride fancy cars and have dignity in the eyes of others, and even in their own eyes?

If we remove the personalities, their social standing, is there any difference in what they’ve done?


What you’ll see is the culture, the perspective that thievery, taking undue advantage, believing that there are justifiable reasons or good motives etc., etc., has been deeply planted in our nation as a whole. Kudos to those who have stayed away from the dictates of twisted thinking and emotions regardless of the situations that they’ve faced. They let truth prevail, and the Fear of God IS truth.

Yes, we do believe there is a God. Now let’s believe as well that there are demons. We are not against people. It is demons that dictate this kind of culture and perspectives. People and situations are mere pawns. We need to see this in order to change our country—that real change comes from within. We must begin with ourselves and the best news is—we can choose to change.

Robert Mesa, Finance Director


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