Typhoon Yolanda: The Morning After


When we woke up the morning after November 8th , I don’t think many of us had an idea of how bad the devastation left by super typhoon Yolanda was. The pictures and film clips shown since then are heartbreaking, especially what happened in Leyte. One school used as an evacuation center for seniors and children was engulfed in a storm surge, and while the school itself still stands, the people inside perished. Our countrymen are grieving, and again we weep with those who weep.

When asked what was most needful, ABS-CBN reporter Ted Failon, who actually went to Tacloban on November 9 said: 1. Restoration of law and order. Since the local police are affected too, perhaps military units can be sent in to help. 2. Medicines. Reports say the hospitals are overflowing. 3. Communication–so we know how our relatives and friends are doing and how we can help them.

I have a list of 3 as well. 1. Take climate change seriously and do what is necessary to prevent/stop it. 2. Fight corruption so we can 3. Disburse public funds properly so that they are channeled into technologies that will prevent destruction and loss of this magnitude. Wake up and face the reality that we are living in an extremely vulnerable part of the globe–and do something about it.

Do I believe that the Filipino spirit is strong and resilient? Sure I do. But why stretch it to the breaking point, why subject it to calamity after tragedy whose effects can be mitigated or prevented? If we can do better, let’s do better. We deserve better. Let’s ask for better.

–Betty Romero, Deputy Director



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